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I'm Emma, a UX designer in San Francisco. I create experiences that empower users through accessible and delightful design.

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I'm a UX designer in San Francisco with a passion for experimenting, exploring, and making an impact with useful, usable, and beautiful user experiences. I focus on empowering users through accessible and delightful design.

I am a strong believer that successful design is produced through an iterative and collaborative process of intentional decisions backed by user-tested research. Aside from detail-driven design, my strengths lie in brainstorming, collaboration, and public speaking.

In the summer of 2016, I was a UX Design intern at Google with the Blogger team in Mountain View. Previously, I've worked at Pipe Dream, McCann Echo, and RevHealth.

To learn more about my experience, check out my resume.

When I'm not designing, you can usually find me wearing flannel, discovering new music, drawing comics, relaxing in my hammock, or eating apple pie.

Questions? Fan mail? Just want to say hello? emmacsiegel@gmail.com