Graphic Design

Visual Design


My start in traditional graphic design laid the groundwork for my current work in interaction and digital design. My graphic design work provided me with a well rounded understanding of visual design through explorations in color, type, pattern, space, scale, and more.


2011 to 2016

At the core of any product or company is its brand. A logo and corresponding visual identity can help portray a specific look and feel to a user or customer.

My professional design career began in 2011 by creating logos and visual identities. The following are a few of the brands and campaigns that I've worked on over the past few years.


Spring 2015

Typography is a critical part to any product or design; words are the core of communication. Each typeface has its own identity that visually portrays a unique message. In 2015, my favorite font family was Gotham and I designed a poster to celebrate it.

Reprint Carrier

Summer 2014

While a graphic design intern at RevHealth, I collaborated with a copy writer to create the following unbranded reprint carrier, a promotional piece used by sales representatives to house the reprint of a journal article.