Visual Design

2015 to present


Exploring the art of illustration further developed my problem-solving skills through visual abstraction. Icons and illustration are a vital component of product design. Illustration styles and imagery help users better understand a product's mood and purpose. Iconography for familiar user tasks can help to streamline navigation.

I've been experimenting with different illustrative styles and techniques and continue to explore and improve.

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Music is a huge part of my life. While designing, driving or exercising, I enjoy listening to and exploring new music. I illustrated mediums through which music can be created and experienced.


I created this series of illustrations to explore how much facial expression can still be seen without seeing someone's eyes. One's mouth, nose and eyebrows can tell a whole story on their own.


The US Presidential Election in 2016 was a great source of creative inspiration from debate publicity to voter activism. The series of events that have unfolded after and surrounding the election have sparked meaningful discussions and led to design inspiration.


Motion design in the real world: I explored some of the modes of transportation that we use to get from point A to point B. Transportation can be for utility, exercise or just for fun.

Food & Drink

The organic forms of food have sparked my interest as an illustrative challenge. I also have enjoyed analyzing the juxtapostion between geometric and organic forms in packaged food versus the uniqueness of shape in produce.

Beer Cans

As an ongoing personal project, I'm doing a study on visual abstraction of beer can designs. An iconic design can be recognized no matter how much it's abstracted. For example, Heinekin's logo has been repurposed for parodies and souvenirs all over the world; but regardless of the text, the logo is still recognizable. On the other hand, an iconic design can be relevant to only a small demographic. Genesee Cream Ale's can is a widely recognizable design to Upstate New Yorkers, although people not from the area have possibly never seen it.


They say that the best inspiration comes from the things that surround you. In addition to icons, I've explored the challenge of illustrating entire scenes. By including more context, there can be less for the viewer to imagine but more questions can be raised as well.

Medical Icon Set

In experimenting with a new illustrative style, I designed this icon set about my recent knee injury.

Expressive Words

In some cases, text or words alone cannot tell as much of a story as when the two forces come together. I've explored the ways in which text and illustration can work symbiotically to communicate.