Hi there!

I'm Emma (they/them). I'm an inclusive UX designer and researcher in San Francisco, CA. I foster a sense of belonging and empowerment through technology by creating equitable, ethical, accessible, and humanizing experiences. I build products with users, rather than for them, by grounding decisions in research that includes diverse perspectives. I bring users' stories to the forefront of product development by communicating complex ideas in understandable and accessible ways. I value transparency, curiosity, intention, and exploration.

I currently work on Adobe Creative Cloud and focus on inclusion and accessibility for the global creative community.

Previously, I founded Workday's Inclusive Design team to help product teams build equitable, accessible and ethical experiences for millions of workers around the world.

Before that, I was at Google, working on accessibility and inclusion for users in developing areas.

When I'm not mentoring design students or discussing ethics and philosophy, I enjoy drawing comics and making ceramics.

Questions? Fan mail? Just want to say hello? Send me an email or a DM

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Recent Stuff

screenshot of zoom call with 7 speakers
Panel • QRCA: Flex Your UX Summit • 2021

Challenging Experience Assumptions through Inclusive Research

The authors of "A Practical Guide to Inclusive Research" chat about the formation of the guide, and what the research community can learn from it.

illustration of abstract shapes on a blended rainbow
Essay • Inclusive Research • 2021

Designing for Intersectional and Fluid Identities

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inclusive research logo
Resource • Inclusive Research • 2021

A Practical Guide to Inclusive Research

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illustration of 2 people talking
Essay • Workday Design Blog • 2021

Inclusive Design Advocacy: A Guide to Navigating Tough Conversations

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Talk • CSUN Conference, Boulder UI/UX Meetup, Bay Area Disability Inclusion Network Meetup • 2020

Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday

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Resource • Workday Canvas Design System • 2020

Guidelines for Writing Alt-Text and Non-Text Content Labels

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Photo of Emma presenting with 7 people in audience
Workshop • Workday Design Week • 2019

Communicating Complex Ideas With Comics

More than superheros and jokes, comics are a tool we can use to communicate complex ideas in a fun and easy to understand way. 40 participants including designers, researchers, managers.

photo of Emma with SXSW Sign
Essay • 2019

The future is inclusive: Takeaways from SXSW 2019

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Photo of emma speaking in front of seated audience
Talk • Workday Design Week • 2018

Power of One for Everyone: Will Accessibility Make My Design Ugly?

What is accessibilty, why does it matter and how can I include it in my work? Jenny Bae and I share answers with 100+ designers.

photo of Emma presenting slide with text Let's Define Comics
Workshop • Workday • 2018

Comics & UX Workshop

A hands-on introduction to comic theory, structure, content, and practical applications of comics in UX work. 20 participants including designers and developers.

photo of woman in front of buddha statue
Essay • 2017

Buddhism & Product Design: The Four Noble Truths

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Pipe Dream Logo
Essay • Pipe Dream • 2017

Designing a delightful college experience

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