Hi there!

I'm Emma and my pronouns are she/her. I'm an inclusive UX designer and researcher in San Francisco, CA. I foster a sense of belonging and empowerment through technology by creating equitable, ethical, accessible, and humanizing experiences. I build products with users, rather than for them, by grounding decisions in research that includes diverse perspectives. I bring users' stories to the forefront of product development by communicating complex ideas in understandable and accessible ways. I value transparency, curiosity, intention, and exploration.

Currently, I lead inclusive product design and research at Workday. I help product teams build equitable, accessible and ethical experiences for millions of workers around the world.

Previously, I focused on empowering the voices of frontline hourly workers by bringing a diverse human-centered approach to building products for time and pay activities in the workplace. Prior to Workday, I was at Google, focusing on accessibility and inclusion for users in developing areas.

When I'm not mentoring design students or discussing ethics and philosophy, I enjoy drawing comics and making ceramics.

Questions? Fan mail? Just want to say hello? Send me an email or a DM

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Recent Stuff

illustration of 2 people talking
Essay • Workday Design Blog • 2021

Inclusive Design Advocacy: A Guide to Navigating Tough Conversations

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illustration of baking supplies
Talk • CSUN Conference, Boulder UI/UX Meetup, Bay Area Disability Inclusion Network Meetup • 2020

Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday

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Resource • Workday Canvas Design System • 2020

Guidelines for Writing Alt-Text and Non-Text Content Labels

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Photo of Emma presenting with 7 people in audience
Workshop • Workday Design Week • 2019

Communicating Complex Ideas With Comics

More than superheros and jokes, comics are a tool we can use to communicate complex ideas in a fun and easy to understand way. 40 participants including designers, researchers, managers.

photo of Emma with SXSW Sign
Essay • Medium • 2019

The future is inclusive: Takeaways from SXSW 2019

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Photo of emma speaking in front of seated audience
Talk • Workday Design Week • 2018

Power of One for Everyone: Will Accessibility Make My Design Ugly?

What is accessibilty, why does it matter and how can I include it in my work? Jenny Bae and I share answers with 100+ designers.

photo of Emma presenting slide with text Let's Define Comics
Workshop • Workday • 2018

Comics & UX Workshop

A hands-on introduction to comic theory, structure, content, and practical applications of comics in UX work. 20 participants including designers and developers.

photo of woman in front of buddha statue
Essay • Medium • 2017

Buddhism & Product Design: The Four Noble Truths

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Pipe Dream Logo
Essay • Pipe Dream • 2017

Designing a delightful college experience

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